3 Good Reasons to Choose RAYDEL Policosanol 10


Maintaining & managing healthy cholesterol can be difficult especially when it comes to choosing a product that is right for you. Often people don’t want to take the path of conventional medication and opt to try products that are more natural.

There are multiple supermarket products such as milk, cereals, and butters that claim to lower cholesterol. However, many people fail to read the fine print and understand the quantity that you are required to eat or drink in order to achieve the cholesterol lowering benefits

When looking for a product to help manage your cholesterol, one option is to choose a complementary medicine. This class of medicine refers to products that are alternatives to conventional medicine and are more ‘traditional’ in their use.

RAYDEL Policosanol 10 is a complementary medicine with an active ingredient of Cuban Sugar Cane Wax Alcohols. Within the wax and stem of the sugar cane plant lie alcohol molecules (not the alcohol as you know it!) that, when extracted and purified in specific ratios, can have multiple health benefits.

These sugar cane wax alcohols also referred to as Policosanol, have been shown to help reduce the amount of cholesterol that is made in our body and help increase the production of the good cholesterol, HDL. This, in turn, has an overall effect of improving our cholesterol ratio within the healthy range.

So why choose RAYDEL Policosanol 10?

1-RAYDEL’s active ingredient is derived from a natural source, Cuban Sugar Cane Wax.

2-It has been clinically studied for over 20 years with results supporting its quality and efficacy. It has been shown that within 12 weeks, healthy individuals can improve their LDL/HDL ratio by up to 27%*

3-Finally, many products just lower the bad LDL cholesterol, however, RAYDEL Policosanol 10 also may help increases the good, HDL cholesterol. HDL is needed to help clear away excess cholesterol from areas that it does not belong. When maintaining healthy cholesterol, a balance of both HDL and LDL is important.

To find out more about RAYDEL Policosanol 10, ask your pharmacist today or visit us at www.raydel.com.au

*Ernesto Lopez et al. Effects of sugarcane wax alcohols in subjects with normal or borderline serum cholesterol levels. Revista CENIC Ciencias Biológicas, Vol. 41, No. 1, pp. 31-37, 2010

Always read the label Use only as directed


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