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With over 30 years of experiences, we are specialists in healthcare products and complementary medicines, and are proud of our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers.


Product enhancing the quality of life,
People spreading benefits in the world


To Provide Innovative Health Products that lead the Market
To Promote Fundamental Healthcare Solutions
To Be Trusted Professionals, Your Health Partners


Our values serve as a guide for our everyday work. They describe how we should serve our customers and work together as colleagues.

Nature: We seek enlightenment from nature consistently.
Integrity: We do what is right, from the heart.
Courage: We never settle but challenge.
Growth: We strive to grow as an individual and an organization diligently.
Passion: We are proactive and always realize our dreams.
Harmony: We move forward together.
Pride: We work with pride and a sense of duty.

Drawing on a rich history and tradition of innovation you can trust, the RAYDEL brand is the product of Rainbow & Nature Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based, Australian healthcare and complementary medicines company.

It is a company that first began delivering quality healthcare products after Australian Korean entrepreneur Byong Ku Lee opened his first health care shop in 1986.

Starting as a single, small shop focused on improving vascular, cellular and skin health, today Rainbow & Nature is a research based company that has branches in Australia and Korea with exclusive rights to sell products in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan.

Working closely with the National Centre for Scientific Research Cuba (CNIC) since 1991 to the source, research and develop the best in natural products, Rainbow & Nature has always strived to provide ever better natural healthcare products.  And it’s that pursuit that has led to the creation of the RAYDEL healthcare brand in 2017.

Launched with the vision of creating a trusted healthcare brand that addresses people’s health and well-being in a more cost efficient, confident and natural manner, RAYDEL is currently offering RAYDEL Policosanol 10 with plans to diversify the product range.

Designed to better maintain healthy cholesterol levels, the product’s active ingredient, sugar cane wax alcohols, is derived from Cuban sugar cane wax and was a Gold Medal awarded discovery from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Now Rainbow & Nature is proud to bring the RAYDEL brand to you online. One stop, online shopping promptly and conveniently delivered to your door—all done with a single click from the comfort of your home. And all at the same competitive prices as if you were right there in our Sydney store.

And with online customers now benefitting from on line specials offered at regular intervals on our ever increasing new and fresh products sourced from within Australia and worldwide, there’s never been a better time to call today to learn how Rainbow & Nature and their new RAYDEL brand can help you live a more active, healthy lifestyle today.

RAYDEL—Providing Market Leading Innovative Functional Health Products that Enhance the Quality of Life Around the World.


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