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Australia's No. 1*
Policosanol Brand

Helps support healthy cholesterol.
Maintains healthy blood lipids.

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Beeswax Alcohols

Relieves symptoms of mild osteoarthritis such as joint pain and stiffness with the added benefit of maintaining stomach health.

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As leaders in our market, we pride ourselves on the development and supply of high quality naturally derived products. Beneficial to everyday wellbeing, our products are created with your health in mind and at the forefront of why we do what we do.

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Raydel provides innovative solutions for Australians on their health and wellness journey. We continue to promote the powers of nature in our high quality products to support and sustain revitalisation.

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Built on trust, Raydel endeavours to grow together with our healthcare partners and continue to identify and pursue our social and environmental responsibilities.

Our Latest News

The HDL Quality Revolution: Policosanol Boosts "Good" Cholesterol Function

The HDL Quality Revolution: Policosanol Boosts "Good" Cholesterol Function

Science has shifted its focus on from the quantity of HDL, good cholesterol to now its quality and functionality as an indication of its cardio protective effects.

Are you ready for Autumn?

Are you ready for Autumn?

With all the changes that occur in Autumn, we take a look at several responses our body can have to these changes.